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Sunday Schedule


9:00 am - Sunday School
11:00 am - Adult Worship
11:00 am - Childrens Worship

Mandarin & Cantonese

9:00 am - Worship
11:00 am - Sunday School


2:30 pm - Worship

Recent Sermons

  Apr 13, 2014
Behold, Your King
Mark 15:1-20
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Tony Lin
  Apr 13, 2014
Mark 15:1-20
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Aaron Yeung

Upcoming Events


Morning Prayer Meeting

10:00 AM

In church library


Prayer Meeting

7:30 PM

1st Wednesdays - Special Focus on Missions & Worldwide Church

2nd Wednesdays - Special Focus on Community & Country

3rd Wednesdays - Regional Home meetings: Fullerton, Westminster, Fountain Valley, Irvine

4th Wednesdays - Special Focus on FCBC Ministries & Departments

5th Wednesdays - Special Focus on non-Christian friends & family



10:00 AM

Women's fellowship and Bible study group.


Prayer Meeting -...

7:30 PM

Fullerton, Westminster, Fountain Valley, Irvine


Art of Marriage...

9:00 AM

The Art of Marriage conference is a marriage workshop on May 10 and 17th (9-12pm).  It is a 2 day event (3 hours each) covering 6 videos created by Family Life ministries, and will be held at our church in the library.

In The Art of Marriage, over 40 ministry leaders provide the expert teaching while couples who have struggled with real-life issues openly and honestly share their stories of pain, loss, forgiveness and grace. The six engaging video sessions are interspersed with projects for couples to complete to reinforce lessons.

  • Registration is $40 per couple (includes 2 manuals from Family Life and light snacks)
  • Babysitting is available for $5 per kid but we strongly encourage you to find babysitting on your own so that you can use the lunch time afterward as "date time" and discuss what you learned during the sessions.
  • everyone is welcome--singles, engaged, married
  • we will open this up to be available to the whole church

You can register at: Please talk to Renee and Tony if you have any questions.